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100% of revenue is donated to Cool Earth until August 31, 2020 through my participation in the virtual Covid Derby Endurance challenge. Follow our team the True Valiant Hamsters as we attempt to ride 1000kms in the month of August!

Endurance Riding with Non-Arabs

Welcome to Ride Like an Athlete Webinar!

This week we are switching from the rider to the horse and looking at non-traditional Endurance breeds.

Who says you need to have an Arab to do endurance? Not us!

Our 4 panelists have share with us why they chose a non-arab, some of the differences between their non-arabs vs their arabs, the challenges and opportunities they have faced with their breeds, and some of the things they have learned along the way about riding and caring for their non-arab.

Our panelists include:
Sarah Cuthbertson (host) – Trakehner x Arab, Standardbred
Ashley Tomasewski – Appaloosa, Paint
Pauline Fleming – Morgan, Arab
Adriana Pirez Neves – Criollo (Brazil)

Pain management for Equestrian Athletes

This week’s panelist, Molly Pearson, is a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and TRX Instructor. More importantly, she was able to complete the 2019 Mongol Derby after an intense accident that nearly shattered her pelvis just months before the race. After working with a pain management and performance specialist, she decided she wanted to learn the body sorcery that got her back into fighting shape in just a matter of weeks.

She joins us to share what she calls “brain hacking for peak performance on demand.” You’ll learn some mental and physical tools you can use immediately for pain management, endurance, flexibility, and strength, no matter your equestrian discipline. These are tools you can use whether you are recovering from an injury or training for a big race.

No doubt she’s also going to have some really fantastic Derby stories to share as well.

You will love Molly’s techniques and sense of humour, trust me, this webinar is not one to be missed!

How to Pick a Hydration Pack for Endurance Riding

Welcome to our webinar for Endurance and Ultra-Endurance equestrians.

In this webinar our panelists will go through their hydration backpacks and make recommendations as to what you should be looking for when searching for backpacks for riding.

You will learn tips about what we do to make our packs more comfortable over long distances, how we fit them, what we put in them and how to make your necessities accessible while riding.

This webinar is going to be so stocked with great little tips, you don’t want to miss out! If you are thinking about investing in a hydration pack, this will save you time, energy and money but cutting right through the trial and error process.

Couch to 40km Distance Riding Training Plan

Ready to get started?  If you are interested in riding in a competitive ride of a distance of 12 miles (20km) to 25 miles (40km) but need a little help building a training program, this download is for you (MS Excel Format).

This spreadsheet will help you to start building your training program and get riding, cross-training and tracking. This basic conditioning schedule is built so most people can follow (3-4 rides per week) and should get most horse and rider teams fit enough to complete a 25 mile ride in 14 weeks.  A couch to 25 mile /40 km program if you like to call it that! 

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